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Salaam, sister :). I have just converted to Islam after many months of contemplating this decision. I was raised in a Catholic family. And I was wondering if you or any other sisters had advice on how to tell my mother of my decision to convert? Or any advice on easing into wearing hijab. I try to dress modestly in general, but I would love to start wearing the hijab insha'allah. Thank you so much.

Alaikumusalam sister.

First of all, please forgive me for replying very late to your message as I have been busy.

MashaAllah, I’m very happy to know that you converted to Islam.

I’m not an expert on giving advices but I will try my best to do so. I think you have to show them first how being a muslim changed you in becoming the better you without telling them first. Then you can open up topics about what muslims believe in. Tell them what really Islam is and what made you convert. This may take time before they can accept it but let’s pray to Allah that everything will work out fine. Just be patient on what’s going to come, sister.

Regarding with the hijab, start by dressing modestly first. That was my first step in wearing the hijab. Then I started wearing turban as I couldnt wear the hijab yet because I wasn’t ready to cover myself. After some time, I gained the courage to wear the hijab and understood why I need to wear it.

I hope you find my answers beneficial to you. My dear followers, you can message me your answers regarding her questions, too.

May Allah bless you and make everything easy for you.

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